… and help me re-write the next chapter in our novel!

You are 6’2″ with a football player frame and the most amazing blue eyes! We met over 16 years ago. You were 36 or so at the time and the VP of an International Holdings Company. You lived in Phoenix and I lived in Las Vegas and our online paths kept crossing and re-crossing for some reason only known to fate – even after we would repeatedly split. Today I am hoping to give fate a helping hand in the re-crossing of our paths.

You would write me the most beautiful love letters in email form and I fell in love with you long before we ever met in person. Long before … I ever saw your face. You were my first love … and 16 years later now … still my only love. There is simply … no … replacing … you!!! … or our trip to Pearl Harbor.

And, believe me I have tried. How many hearts have I plowed through trying to find another you! How many times have I wished I could be Pygmalion and carve a copy of you out of stone and into my arms. Just as you carved me into life with your words at first … and then your touch … and into the person I am today … the person who has your wishes and desires as her true north even now.

You’ll be happy to know that I have grown up a lot since we met and even since we last spoke. I was so young back then and prone to moods. I am much more contained … much less emotional and I rarely cry anymore. My friends even comment on my control. Although I still wear thigh highs and high heels 🙂 I have so many of both … ALL because of you!

I have changed a lot … for the better I hope … and just like every first love … every true love … it is sticking around stubbornly … and it is this love that wants to rise above the past … just like the namesake of your city … and start a new future together.

I love you and you are the unwitting co-author of my first book (1,001 Las Vegas Nights) – based on the story of us. Marry me and help me to write the next few chapters in our next book. It was after all your words, which made me possible.

Yours in Devotion,

Angelique St. Chase, Jr.