Las Vegas is a woman’s playground. There is nothing easier to accomplish for a female in this city than to bed any number of men on any given day. Attractive men. Accomplished men. Men who will worship the ground you walk on. And, as long as you don’t mind the majority of them being married, you can have all the meaningless hook-ups or meaningful one nighters that your schedule can handle. However, while that has it’s time and place and can be ever so much fun, if you are a single woman over 30 it’s nice to intersperse a committed relationship in-between strings of hook-ups from time to time.  Finding guys to be in a long-term relationship with and look up to and be your emotional harbor … well … that is the herculean task that we all encounter the world over. Especially for those of us who look like a hot Librarian because we actually read books. I guess that is why we have girlfriends instead … to fill that emotional gap.

When I try to explain this concept, most tend to give me that “RCA-Dog-Look.” You know the one I am talking about. The dog sitting in front of the gramophone with his head slightly cocked to one side. Why is having sex so easy for women here? It’s the simple law of supply and demand in a hook-up society. Already ranking as the U.S. city with one of the, if not the highest available male to female ratio, these numbers, while high, are not a true representation of how much the selection process is skewed in the favor of women in Las Vegas. Not only can visitors outnumber residents, but most visitors to this Mecca of Indulgence are business convention attendees – and the majority of these are men. Las Vegas has become therefore the optimal destination place for business, escapism, and more often than not, a lot of both. Dating here, consequently is much like dating in any other major tourist destination, and is one of the reasons why long distance relationships are so prevalent for us local women.

I, along with many of the local, single, attractive, females over the age of 30 whom I have gotten to know while living here, have all become skilled in long distance relationships. The 4 and 5 Star Celebrity Restaurants are a plenty and there is always something to do on any given night of the week, making living here and going out a daily glamour filled affair. When it comes to something resembling a relationship, though, with a local single man of the appropriate age, the pickings are slim. I mean, there are only so many times that I can define the words coming out of my mouth before I lose interest and respect in the guy sitting across the table from me. And only so many times that I am willing to stare into a mouthful of food being chewed in a manner that would make most dogs blush with embarrassment before I have to excuse myself while I delete and block the phone number. It’s moments such as these when I envy mail-order-brides and turn to my phone in my liberated feminist way and swipe right on my next future ex-boyfriend.  After all, turnaround is fair play.